2021 Texas Events

     Texas Events 2021 SweetSatya 


    • SweetSatya® offering hand made crystal and mineral gemstone jewelry at her 2nd annual Dallas Crystal Jewelry Pop Up Summer Solstice Weekend June 19, and 20, 2021. 11-8:00 pm. Call (949) 916-5616 for address. Great event featuring SweetSatya® her Summer Collections of 2021.  

     Texas Events 2021

    • Crystal Jewelry Texas Renaissance Festival 2021. Weekends Only and Black Friday. Enchant Thyself & Follow Your Heart To SweetSatya’s Earthen Art Shop F61 For All Your Crystal, Mineral & Fossil Jewelry.  A go-to destination for any Crystal, Mineral, Gemstone and Fossil Enthusiast, Geologist, Collector and Everyday Customer. October 9, thru November 28, 2021.

      G RATED ENCHANTED JEWELRY SHOP. ALL ARE WELCOME, CHILD FRIENDLY, ALL HANDMADE, and NO IMPORTS. Offering 3 full windows of $5.00 Necklaces at the Crystal Jewelry Texas Renaissance Festival 2021, The 47th Annual Year.


      2021 SEASON OCT. 9, thru NOV. 28, 2021


      9 am - 8 pm
      Saturday, Sunday & Thanksgiving Black Friday, Crystal Jewelry Texas Renaissance Festival 2021


      • Octoberfest / October 9, 10,
      • 1001 Dreams/October 16, 17,
      • Pirate Adventure / October 23, 24,
      • All Hallows Eve / October 30,31
      • Heroes & Villains/November 6,7
      • Barbarian Invasion/November 13,14
      • Highland Fling/November 20,21
      • Celtic Christmas and Thanksgiving Black Friday/November 26 (Friday) 27 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday)

         Texas Events 2021 SweetSatya

        Crystal Jewelry-Texas Renaissance Festival 2021

        Many visitors will marvel at Satya Khalsa's, One Of A Kind Crystal Wearable Art Jewelry Treasures, offered at SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Indie Shop F61,  All jewelry is hand made by Satya Khalsa's, 

        Crystal Jewelry Shop, F61 Texas Renaissance Festival 2021, Todd Mission Texas 2021, is located in the Florence Market near the Climbing Wall, directly next door to the  Basilica and directly across from the cloak shop at the Texas Renaissance Festival Todd Mission, TX   

        Welcome to SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shop F 61 2021

        Hail to Thee, My Lords and My Ladies

        All Nobles and Peasants, the Wanderers and Wonder'ers who enter here.

        Behold these Masterworks of Earth refined by my own Handicraft.

        All that sparkles and glimmers here before thy blessed gaze

        All that delights to the Soft Touch and Seeking Spirit,

        Was handmade, brought forth from the Aether

        By only my Two Small Hands.

        Thou shalt find here No trinkets concocted by machines

        No goods finished in foreign lands by laborers unnamed.

        I am SweetSatya of Gandhara,

        That ancient land that lies along the mystic Silk Road.

        All throughout my endless travels,

        I have scoured the far-flung edges of the world,

        Collecting stones of peerless quality and of special powers.

        Each precious crystal is hand-drilled by myself.

        Beads and baubles I tie together, hand-knotting and clasping in meaningful design.

        For this is my Life's Passion, my Mission, and Destiny

        To liberate the Truth and Joy awaiting thee in the glimmering shards and globes.

        Procure a treasure for thyself or for a kindred soul beloved by thy heart.

        Thou art receiving unique Artwork to be found nowhere else.

        What's more, thou art supporting a local Texan Artisan with every purchase.

        Love and Grace imbued by hand into every Marvel

        Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Wonders

        Blessed be this, King George Coulam's Renaissance Village

        And let blessings grace the humble shoppe of SweetSatya

        And all those who pass through this door!

         Visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SweetSatyas/