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Purchasing the raw materials for SweetSatya is my passion and one of the things in my life which brings me the greatest joy. Each one of our crystals is hand selected by me personally. This year, 2018, I spent 3 weeks cultivating and strengthening my special relationships with my suppliers from around the world.

I have drawn from the same sources for raw materials for the past fourteen years. These sources include families that have been purveyors, miners, and traders of crystals for 2-4 generations. Large networks of collectors who travel throughout the world, from village to village.  I also work with those families which do the trading & mining for the crystals I use.

I love these people and in fact many of them are my true friends. They invite me to their countries and offer me to stay at their homes. Most of them really have respect for me. They know that I am artist and wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for their hard work. There is deep reverence and camaraderie between us all. We are all joined in loving the Earth. Many of my miners only speak a little English, but we are still able to communicate with each other and make arrangements with each other.

The crystals are excavated out of the mountains and mines, then consolidated, and then the finest specimens are set aside for me. I make selections according to my needs, my customers needs, harmonic balance, color, clarity, size, and shape. I personally test, examine, and handle hundreds of crystals each year to select the small percentage which are awarded our Signature quality. There truly isn't anything like a SweetSatya piece as far as quality and design. It is important to note that even among crystal experts, sometimes they disagree.

I have been told more than once, "Your crystals are more expensive than others and I can get them cheaper at other places". I simply and kindly reply, "I pay a premium price in order to have the top quality crystals saved for us, and in order to get to pick first." Therefore, our miners are always happy to put aside the top pieces for us. After we have skimmed off the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the remaining crystals are then offered to other buyers. Keep in mind that we only select the top 1/2 percent. We have always found that one gets what one pays for, and we are happy to pay a premium price for the best crystals. The 99 percent I reject is huge.

From the beginning of purchasing the raw material for my artwork, I decided that I would only work with the highest quality. If the goal is to create harmony and balance, then it's wise to use a crystal that is harmonically balanced to begin with. The harmonically balanced crystal will greatly help to put its owner into a balanced state. My gifted hands and devoted heart only really like to create the best.