Crystal-Jewelry Store Artist

You will rarely see Crystals in a wearable form at this level of stellar and immaculate quality and design. I exist to inspire wonder, foster creative thought, render service, and facilitate bringing joy to others. It has been said that my Crystal, Mineral, and Fossil Crystal-Jewelry Store Artist artwork is the essence of the heavens with bold colors, textures, forms and dynamic compositions that capture a vision of exhilaration. The drama of my work is heightened by the intensity of the hues and unexpected natural extraordinary raw materials I select. The abstraction of the raw materials and crystals merge with the imbuing of fiber arts, fabrics, adornments, and the old world skills from my hands, heart, and mind in motion to create Crystal-Jewelry Store Artist Necklaces.

It is my humble intention to pay tribute to the creator of All. I have been a creative type since preschool. This has lead to many artistic directions: my beginning attempts at art making, a career as a colorist, and now a career as an Crystal, Mineral, Fossil and Gemstone Artist, Costume and Accessory Designer, and  Artistic Director and Owner of SweetSatya®,  I live, source and create my Crystal, Mineral, Fossil and Gemstone Jewelry Artwork in Huntsville, Texas, USA. I have a Crystal-Jewelry Store Artist Boutique at the Texas Renaissance Festival nine weekends a year called SweetSatya's Earthen Art.