How NATURES TREASURES This Gemstone Retailer Is Making Sales Magic With Healing Crystals-Shopify Blog by Karin Eldor Case Studies Sept 5, 2017

How This Gemstone Retailer Is Making Sales Magic With Healing Crystals

There’s no need to look into our crystal ball to make this prediction: mysticism and “New Age” items are part of the mainstream. As Ruby Warrington, founder of the mystical online destination “The Numinous” puts it: the New Age is actually the Now Age.

To be clear: Healing crystals aren’t a trend, they are a movement. And what was once considered a “woo-woo juju” practice, previously relegated to hippies and covens, has now entered the daily conversation. Healing crystals and gemstones such as rose quartz can likely be spotted on your colleague’s desk and shamans are now part of people’s roster of healing experts. Even celebrities are wearing their crystals loud and proud: Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow (whose Goop lifestyle and wellness site features resources about all things mystical) to Katy Perry and Adele are singing their crystals’ praises.

Crystals By Nature, an online purveyor of crystals, rocks, gemstones, as well as jewelry, home decor, and even metaphysical items, is experiencing retail success thanks to its vast array of stones and supplies — for whatever “crystal or healing prescription” you’re looking for.