Renaissance Regalia Crystal Jewelry Created By SweetSatya for the Crystal Barbarian Video Inspired By The Texas Renaissance Festival

Born of winter's frosty night, SweetSatya's newest Renaissance crystal jewelry collection rises, shining and triumphant to greet the world. Satya's fresh Renaissance jewelry and adornment creations are inspired by The Crystal Barbarian, her dazzling new commercial recently filmed in LA. Satya proclaims, "I will spark exaltation, then crown it with victory." Her quest, as ever, is to create that which will bring the wearer the utmost joy. She strives towards the same end with her brand's Home Design and Lifetime pieces. Come all to marvel at her One Of A Kind treasures at SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Shoppe F61 - Florence Market near the Climbing Wall at the Texas Renaissance Festival Todd Mission, TX

Weekends Only September 29th - November 25th
(+Friday November 23th)
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM   21792 FM 1774
Todd Mission, TX  7736
 800 458-3435


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