Spellbound Sky When Fashion Meets Passion It Becomes Unstoppable


Los Angeles is an unparalleled crystal shop with an obsession for forward fashion and the cutting edge. Guaranteed to give you the ultimate shopping experience - the best one could ever dream of - from the moment you walk in. I have visited the store many times throughout the years: from my first hand experience, this holds true throughout the winds of time. The whole vibe of the store is brimming with creativity and the utmost joy. Believe it or not, people actually wait outside the door before Mark and Martin open up each day. Then the show begins with a wonderland of crystals displayed in the most magical way. Look out of the corner of your eye for their unicorn greeting you with a smile, and don't miss SweetSatya's collections dangling from their walls. Featured below: "Fully Realized " is a Spellbound Sky Classic offered in their beautiful world of crystals. Martin and Mark I love you and thanks for carrying my crystal fashion artwork. https://www.instagram.com/spellboundsky/

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Where the individual meets the metaphysical. hours 12-6 Mon-Sat & 1-5 Sun 323-284-8115 spellboundsky.com

4210 Santa Monica Blvd
United States