Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils 1) have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities, and 2) are not for internal use & should not be ingested. CUSTOMER REVIEW ★★★★★
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SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length

Official SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length and Descriptions. Now we do know experts tend to disagree.  Never the less isn't this interesting to learn. 

How would this corespondent with the Charging/Balancing/ of Our Chakra System and SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length?

Keeping in mind that your Crystal would hang securely below the knot of your SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length. Except when I create designs with a chain. Look for this in my F/W 2020 Collection. Jewelry?

SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length Features:

Collar- 12"-13" Throat 5th Chakra-Communication

Choker- 14"-16" Throat 5th Chakra-Communication

Princess- 17"-19" Heart 4th Chakra-Opening & Softening

Matinee-  20"-24" Heart 4th Chakra-Opening & Softening

Opera-  25"-30" Heart-Navel 3rd and 4th Chakra-Power-Opening & Softening

Rope- 31"-36" Navel 3rd Chakra-Energy Power

SweetSatya® Crystal Necklace Length