BY ZOE GILLIAN (Customer) 5/21/19

SweetSatya creates dazzling works of wonder. Each crystal is selected with clear intention and you can tell every knot is hand wrought with love and skill. She certainly has a talent for finding the most astounding crystals. I found my dearest crystal of all time the first time I stepped foot in her shoppe years ago on a cold winter’s night at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, TX. Since then I have accumulated a collection of her work that I cherish every day. 

I have several pieces that I wear casually, formally, and in the office. I have worn her pieces for years and can attest to the quality of the knots and material. My larger crystals make me feel like royalty and I am always receiving compliments on the statement they make. All of them are truly one of a kind! 

As for the artist, Satya Khalsa is incredible. She has an eye for detail and knows what her customers seek to find in her shop. She is warm, welcoming and displays her passion through her craft. Her art is timeless and imaginative. Visit SweetSatya and I am confident you will be enchanted by her creations and the artist herself.

BY ALEXANDRA LEE (Customer & Owner of Everbalm.com) - 5/1/19

" I was told that chrysoprase stone was one of the most powerful stones to help with depression and anxiety. As I searched the web I came across the beautiful collection of SweetSatya jewelry line, I felt I struck gold. I loved them so much I have a whole collection. Each one spoke to me in their unique way. Soon as I put them on I feel the calmness and beauty of each stone. The color of these stones are spectacular. There’s no comparison from the other pieces out there on the market. The quality of SweetSatya's stones are stunning and the colors are deep bluish green. The craftsmanship is superior and will last me a life time. Everywhere I go people want to know where I got my necklace."

BY ANDREW Z (Customer) - 9/24/18

"My ever-growing collection of necklaces by @sweetsatyacrystals speak for themselves. If you ever get the chance to see them in person at the Texas Renaissance Festival you need to stop by SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shoppe F61. Her Selection of Natural Crystal Jewels are always top quality and I'm stunned by her artistry." 

BY DEBY NETHING (Customer) - 9/3/18

"Satya’s wearable works of Crystal jewelry art are a sacred undertaking for her. Each necklace offers an array of vibes from the uplifting and invigorating to grounding calm and serene. And you won’t come across a more original concept of Earth mineral materials that create the elegance, beauty, and mysticism her collections showcase. I’m forever hooked on these rare gemstone jewelry designs!"


Visiting the Texas Renaissance Festival together last year was pretty fun, so we went again this year. Are we making this a thing? Sure. It’s a great reason to have company over. Chris and I live in a house in Katy, TX just outside of Houston, but our lives are still in the city. So we commute, We can rarely convince our friends to make the long drive out to see us, except for the rare Renaissance Festival lover. Ren Fest is almost two hours away from Houston, or a mere 45 minutes from our house. This year, Omar and his new girlfriend Isabela made for the most excellent company.

Jewelry shopping. As I’ve mentioned before, unique jewelry pieces are one of my favorite things to hunt for. This year we stopped at SweetSatya’s Earthen Art Shoppe F61 jewelry shop again. She had so many lovely crystals and pendants, and the shop owner truly is the sweetest woman. I picked up a quartz and pearl pendant necklace, but I would love one of her selenite wrapped crystals for under the bed or in the closet at home. Now she has an online shop too! Her store name is linked above and the selenite pieces are in stock.