Amethyst Pyrite Mala-SweetSatya
Amethyst Pyrite Mala-SweetSatya
Amethyst Pyrite Mala-SweetSatya
Amethyst Pyrite Mala-SweetSatya

Amethyst Pyrite Mala

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  • Hand-cut 14mm Semi-Precious Amethyst Sphere  February’s birthstone.
  • SweetSatya® Is gender free and neutral jewelry.
  • Amethyst Pyrite Mala has been hand knotted by Crystal Jewelry Artist-Satya Khalsa.
  • Finely curated hand-knotting with black long-lasting vegan cording.
  • Weighs: 5.00 ounces.
  • Amethyst Pyrite Mala length: 37".
  • Feels exotically grounding in your hand, also great for meditation.
  • Peruvian superior quality pyrite naturally fat red nuggets.
  • Power Energy 108 mala.
  • Created in Texas, by SweetSatya® Crystal Jewelry Store.
  • Amethyst Pyrite Mala feels great to wear around your neck or wrist.
  • Amethyst Pyrite Mala Energizes your full aura while cleansing and protecting your entire being.
  • Guards your soul body every time-worn.
  • Amethyst Pyrite Mala Brings a Truthful Meaning To Your Life 

DESTROYER OF NEGATIVITY - Each mala one is unique and represents hard work and skill at hand. Next, I work my magic by attaching a 3/4" diagonal Gazer Amethyst Sphere securely with pride and full awareness.

Each one increases positivity, deflective those energies most negative which haunt our peace.

This is my gift to you and a SweetSatya® Mala perfect for everyday wear and great for special occasions.



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