Ammonite Fossil Jewelry-SweetSatya
Ammonite Fossil Jewelry-SweetSatya
Ammonite Fossil Jewelry SweetSatya

Ammonite Fossil Jewelry

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Cosmic Energy-Ammonite Fossil Jewelry from Madagaskar is all hand-selected specimen quality fossils.

Mermaid Nautilus Jewelry created by SweetSatya® exclusively for the Cosplayers passing through my doors of SweetSatya's Earthen Art-Crystal, Mineral, and Fossil Jewelry Store (F61) at the Texas Renaissance 

Ammonite Fossil Jewelry is also popular with young boys, geologists, nature lovers, and mathematical geniuses. The Fibonacci golden spiral "logarithmic Spiral" is a perfect example of my  Nautilus Ammonite Fossil Jewelry.


2020 - “Her pieces are truly one of a Kind and conversation starters. You're not simply buying jewelry, you're buying a work of art! The quality is unmatched by any other raw crystal jeweler I've tried. Customer service is top-notch as well.” 

You won't be disappointed if you buy through my online shop or shop in person at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas.

Ammonite Fossil Jewelry Features:

  • Texas Energy Jewelry.
  • Cephalopods date back 400 million years ago.
  • Tribal boho cotton linen black vegan cording.
  • Prehistoric vibes created by Satya Khalsa, a fossil jewelry artist located in the sunbelt Texas and owner of SweetSatya® Crystal Jewelry Store.
  • Cosmic Energy Crystal Pendant and I will send you a photo to choose yours from after you place your order.
  • Hand-harvested in Madagascar authentic fossils in cruelty-free conditions, where a school has been created for the worker's children.
  • Sizes of Necklaces-16", 18", 22", 30" and over the head without a clasp.

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