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Angel Aura Crystal Necklace

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  • 2023 SweetSatya® Crystal jewelry store.
  • Nothing surpasses the beauty, simplicity, and truth of this Angel Aura Crystal Necklace.
  • Each Angel Aura Crystal Necklace is sold individually not as a set.
  • Diamantina Clear Crystal Quartz has not been engineered or calibrated.  
  • Natural and organic, with a high heat titanium platinum finish, and always a perfect point.
  • Hand drilled with USA drill bits by Artist Satya Khalsa.
  • I will send you a video to choose yours from, all of them are unique and special in their own way.

UNICORN'S TRILL-Angel Aura caught between fantasy and reality, the Angel Aura is kissed with platinum. Its pure innocence can cleanse and rejuvenate all that it touches.


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