Citrine Crystal Necklace SweetSatya
Citrine Crystal Necklace SweetSatya
 Golden Citrine Necklace  SweetSatya

Golden Citrine Necklace

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SweetSatya's High-Quality Golden Citrine Necklace brings beauty with an intriguing architectural three-dimensional feeling.  Which only a SweetSatya® can because each pendant is hand drilled by Satya Khalsa master crystal driller. "I am able to angle your crystal in the perfect direction to reflect the highest potential of your Golden Citrine.

Golden Citrine Necklace

  • Your Golden Citrine Necklace will interact with your vibration in a pleasing way.
  • You will get as much pleasure wearing this and an equal amount of pleasure just looking at it.
  • All one-of-a-kind, fine artisanal hand faceting.
  • Superior quality and depth of lustrous intense color.
  • November birthstone.
  • Sharp Gemmy and Super Clear Citrine.
  • Responsibly Mined in Brazil.  
  • Never heat-treated natural golden yellow adamantine luster and sheen.
  • Sizes range from 1 1/4" thru 2" in length and 1" thru 2" width.
  • Rich bronze-tone leather custom sizing available free of charge.
  • Sizes are shown 18", 20", and 30" smaller lengths and custom lengths available. 
  • High energy, the third chakra, with tons of crystalline light and love.
  • SweetSatya® 2024 Golden Citrine Necklace Collection created in Texas.

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