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Himalayan Quartz Necklace

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Sacred and enchanting one of a kind SweetSatya®️ Himalayan Quartz Necklace. Proud to offer hand-drilled Tibetan Quartz Pendants.  If you have any questions before ordering please call me (949) 916-5616 to discuss your purchase.

  • All one of a kind, never calibrated, only harvested and washed.
  • Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters are harvested by hand in Tibetan.
  • Limited quantity.
  • Rated AAA in clarity and formation.
  • Very rarely do I get these Tibetan Himalayan Quartz Necklace Scepters.
  • High-Quality Crystal Quartz and double terminated Scepters.
  • Hand laced with black vegan cording, 16”, thru 24”.
  • Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters measure roughly 1"  by 1/2".
  • Mesmerizing innate intelligence at its finest.
  • Non calibrated crystal quartz, all-natural and organic.
  • Specimen grade Himalayan Quartz Necklace.
  • Hand drilled by Satya Khalsa with USA drill bits. No outsourcing of drilling which creates your Himalayan Quartz Necklace to emit the highest vibration due to the direction of my drilling.
  • A must have for any Crystal Enthusiast.
  • An old vintage feel with a modern take by SweetSatya®.

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