Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman SweetSatya

Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman

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Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman Features:

- Voyagers Dream Calls Upon Love -  Inspired through our ever-changing world.

- All elevated vibrations are harmonized feminine & masculine, dark & light, inside & outside. 

- Guards, you against heartbreak by helping you see the truth.  Heart Opening 4th Chakra Energy Pendant 

- Dimensions of approx. 3-6" length & 1/2" width

- Soothing and mending the heart Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman

- Specimen Collector Quality Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman

- Size of necklace:  long-only charging heart and navel, no clasp over the head

- Cording: long-lasting black cotton cording

- Created with SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry Store in Texas, USA

- Rose Quartz-Black Tourmaline Talisman Has Otherworldly Inclusions

- Depth of color surpasses most, non-dyed or enhanced Rose Quartz double terminated obelisk

- Fresh Fashion Created by Satya Khalsa, Crystal Jewelry Artist

- Hand faceted Rose Quartz Talisman from Madagascar 

- No two are alike



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