Rose Quartz Healing Necklace-SweetSatya
Rose Quartz Healing Necklace-SweetSatyaJewelry

Rose Quartz Healing Necklace

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Voyagers Dream Calls Upon Love-Rose Quartz Healing Necklace Inspired through our ever-changing world.  Real authentic Madagascar Rose Quartz unlike any other online, original artwork created by SweetSatya®️,  If fact the family-operated mine has created a school for the worker's children to attend.

All elevated vibrations are harmonized feminine & masculine, dark & light, inside & out. Sold individually not as a set.


2022- Her pieces are truly one of a Kind and conversation starters. You're not simply buying jewelry, you're buying a work of art! The quality is unmatched by any other raw crystal jeweler I've tried. Customer service is top-notch as well. You won't be disappointed if you buy online shop or shop in person at the Texas Renaissance Fair at SweetSatya’s Earthen Art Shop F 61, Todd Mission Texas.

I will send you a video for you to choose yours from immediately after you check out.

 Guards, you against heartbreak by helping you see the truth.

Dimensions of Rose Quartz Healing Necklace vary in size.

- Healing and mending the heart.

- Specimen Collector Quality Rose Quartz Healing Necklace.

- Size of necklace:  30", 32" charging heart and navel.

- Cording: long-lasting mauve and black vegan cording, and velvet.

- Otherworldly Inclusions.

- Depth of color surpasses most, non-dyed Rose Quartz.

- Fresh Fashion Jewelry.

- Created with SweetSatya®️ Crystals Texas, USA.

- Hand drilled Rose Quartz Healing Necklace by Satya Khalsa.

Hand faceted Rose Quartz in Madagascar.

- No two are ever alike.



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