Selenite and Greek Eye Necklace SweetSatya

Selenite and Greek Eye Necklace

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All-seeing Mati, hand-drilled Selenite, and Greek Eye Necklace for your eyes only created by SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shop F 61 Crystal Jewelry Store located at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2023, Todd Mission Texas.

Selenite and Greek Eye Necklace Features:

  1. Original artwork created by Satya Khalsa crystal jewelry artist
  2. Authentic Pakastani Selenite Bar hand-drilled by Satya Khalsa
  3. Glass greek eye totem bringing good luck to its wearer.
  4. Black cotton line cording measuring 14" from above Selenite and Greek Eye Necklace over the head without a clasp
  5. Time-tested original closure that won't pull your hair.
  6. Sold individually not as a set.
  7. Ancient historic sacred symbol charm.
  8. Deep blue sacred charm for open flow communication.

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