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Selenite Transformative Necklace

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Simple Truthful and Elegant Selenite Transformative Necklace Features:

  • Flash in every Selenite Transformative Necklace pendant.
  • Small and Dainty.
  • Selenite Transformative Necklace has been finely curated by Satya Khalsa, a Crystal jewelry artist in Texas.
  • Great for self-transformation.
  • Pure and simple vegan black thin strong long-lasting cording
  • 14", 16", 18", 22", and over your head without a clasp.
  • Sold individually not as a set.
  • Created by Sweetsatya® a finely curated Crystal jewelry store in Texas.
  • All one-of-a-kind Selenite Transformative Necklace, you choose your very own after check out I will send you a video to choose yours from.

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