Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace-SweetSatya
Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace-SweetSatya
Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace-SweetSatya

Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace

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Minas Gerais special Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace Features:
  1. An incredible transmission of high and brilliant light.
  2. The hand knotting is durable, finely curated mauve cotton, and black cotton 2mm cording.
  3. Adorned with clear Double Terminated Crystals which are superior quality.
  4. The point and entire Smoky Quartz character is flawless and slender in shape.
  5. The pale softness of Smoky Quartz Crystal color is translucent accentuating the natural faceting and grids of the Smoky Quartz Crystal Wand Necklace.
  6. Also available with Black Tourmaline Crystals.
  7. Smoky Quartz Wand is a great crystal for coding.
  8. Specifications vary from necklace to necklace and I can send you a video to view yours before you make your final purchase.
  9. I methodically create each Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace in size and scale according to your neck size. 
  10. Smoky Quartz Wand Necklace is available in 16”, 18”, 22”, and over the head without a clasp.
  11. Created by SweetSatya Crystal Jewelry Store located in Texas.
  12. Spring Crystal Jewelry Collection 2023.

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