SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry
SweetSatya Carnelian Jewelry

SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry

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Banded SweetSatya Carnelian Jewelry Sphere adorned with lovely antique brass finished lacey end caps. Also available without end caps and hand-knotted on both sides by SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry.

Ultimate Warrior Courage SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry Features:

  • July Birthday Babes Birthstone 
  • SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry created by SweetSatya®️ 
  • Shown with black cotton cording but available with apricot vegan cording, Protective Sun Energy Talisman. 
  • After you are done with checking out, I will text you a live video to choose your SweetSatya®️ Carnelian Jewelry from. Carnelian which most RESONATES with you, and then we can pick the length & cording.
  •  Excellent 3rd Chakra Navel Center Energy Charging.
  •  Dimensions of pendant: approx. 2" length & 2” width
  •  Size of Carnelian Agate Pendant Necklace: 14’; 16’; 18’; 22” 
  • Long-Lasting Cording: black leather, black linen, black vegan suede, bronze leather, apricot vegan cording, and base metal nickel and lead-free compliant lobster closure.
  • Carnelian Agate Pendant Necklace Artisinal, Finely Curated, No two are alike,  original artistry, and eco friendly.
  • Sold individually not as a set.


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