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Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand-SweetSatya Jewelry
Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand-SweetSatya
Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand - SweetSatya
Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand - SweetSatya
Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand - SweetSatya Jewelry Store

Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand

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I AM ASCENSION WAND: Superior Moroccan Selenite blessed with a rainbow Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand of semi-precious Chakra System of semi gemstones with excellent depth of color, specimen grade, hand laced wire wrap with non-tarnish copper wire, specific high grade for energy therapy.

Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand gemstone translates the wisdom of many spiritual systems into a physical form for intuitive learning. Dance in the everlasting music of my Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand created by SweetSatya®.  Sold Individually.  Chakra Balancing and Activating Wand begins at the base of our spine extending energy out through the top of our head.  Aligning, activating, and cleansing all seven Chakras.

You know transcendence awaits you. You ARE ASCENSION ENERGY.  Hand laced with A+non-tarnish copper wire. This Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand took me nine years to develop and gather the premium quality Chakra gemstones and large Moroccan Selenite bar which makes it truly amazing. You will fall in love with your Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand when it charges, aligns, activates, shakes up blockages, and balances your Chakra's up.  Created by Crystal Jewelry Artist and Designer Satya Khalsa, Texas USA.

Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand is spiritual and does VARY FROM PICTURE SHOWN " All ONE-OF-A-KIND" High-frequency original crystal artwork with a signed card from, Satya Khalsa, crystal jewelry artist.  

Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand Gemstones Do Vary Depending Upon Availability.  Focuses directly on energy fields and energy centers.

GARNET - expresses success charging the 1st Chakra-Root-January

CARNELIAN - expresses courage and charging the 2nd Chakra-Sacral-July

CITRINE - expresses prosperity and charging the 3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus-                              

EMERALD - expresses love charging the 4th Chakra-Heart-May

AQUAMARINE - expresses the truth and charging the 5th Chakra-Throat-March

LAPIS LAZULI - expresses loyalty and charging the 6th Chakra-Third Eye-NONE

AMETHYST - expresses the power and charging the 7th Chakra-Crown-February

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTAL QUARTZ - for the higher self, Intensifies all frequencies of Chakra gemstones charging the Aura. Self Awareness Growth.

Size of Moroccan Selenite Bar: approximately 6" length charging personal transformation

Size of Chakra Stones: 5 mm

The Chakra gemstones may vary slightly depending on availability for your Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand

To use your Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand:

  • Hold while you are meditating.
  • Place directly on your body on an area that needs charging.
  • Place on your altar, desk, car dashboard, or your hand to bring blessings and balance to your space.
  • Lose yourself in the unfathomable beauty of my Chakra Balancing-Activating Wand, jewel-like Chakra Balancing-Activating-Charging Wand at it's finest created by Old World Crystal Jewelry Artist, Satya Khalsa Owner Of SweetSatya®️ in Texas.
  • SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shop F61, Texas Renaissance Festival,  October 7th thru November 26th 2023.

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