SweetSatya Quartz Crystal

SweetSatya Quartz Crystal

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 Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant Features:

  • Hand-drilled by Satya Khalsa Crystal jewelry artist and master Mala maker.
  • Responsibly mined from the Ron Coleman Mine, Jessieville, Arkansas. 
  • The sizes of Crystals vary in size, clarity, druzy, and I will send you a video to choose your Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant from immediately after you place your order.
  • Swirls of inclusions and light phantoms spiral their way through your crystal clear druzy Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant. 
  • Indian High Vibrational, Sterling Silver chain measures 26" without Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant.
  • This has a vintage old-world feel within a modern take.
  • Fair Trade handmade Indian Sterling Silver Chain for SweetSatya® 
  • Sturdy Chain that will support the weight of your crystal and not slip and slide, or wear down the hole where I have drilled it.
  • Artisan snake smooth chain that will preserve the life of this special Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant.
  • This is a SweetSatya® Lifetime Crystal.

OZARK SOUL - U.S. native Quartz crystal mined in the sacred Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  This will attune to the energy of the wearer, enhancing all abilities as a crystal wand and slicing through psychic obstacles as an Immaculate, unparalleled quality.  It is one of my all-time favorite crystals and a favorite USA mine.

I have waited a long time to offer this vibrational sterling silver chain that doesn't degrade the vibration of your Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant like so many other chains.

Arkansas Crystal Quartz Pendant is also found SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shop F61, Texas Renaissance Festival, October 12, thru December 1, 2024.

Arkansas Quartz glows from the inside out with high vibrational Indian hand made Silver Chain created by the people who have been using silver long before the Spanish arrived in the.

This is why I chose this chain out of many to choose from. Nothing ordinary about it and doesn’t degrade the vibration of your Crystal Clear Quartz.


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