SweetSatya Crystal Pendant
SweetSatya Crystal Pendant
SweetSatya Crystal Pendant

SweetSatya Crystal Pendant

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OZARK SOUL - U.S. native Quartz crystal mined in the sacred Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  This will attune to the energy of the wearer, enhancing all abilities as a crystal wand and slicing through psychic obstacles as an Immaculate, unparalleled quality.

 “These necklaces are some of my all-time favorite designs, and also a favorite USA mine,” exclaimed Satya Khalsa Crystal Jewelry Artist. I have waited a long time to offer this vibrational sterling silver chain that doesn't degrade the vibration of your Arkansas SweetSatya Quartz Pendant like so many other chains.

Hand-drilled with USA drill bits by Satya Khalsa, “This gives me the ability to place the chain in the perfect spot of the crystal so that the essence of the crystal really shines through to the wearer.

Responsibly mined from the Ron Coleman Mine, Jessieville, Arkansas. Crystals vary in size, clarity. An old vintage feel with a modern take by SweetSatya® Texas Jewelry Store.

I am happy to shoot you over a video to choose yours from.

Sold individually not as a set.

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