SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant
SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant

SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant

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Golden Lux Double Terminated SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant has that inner glow from the inside out.

  • Mixing beautiful depths of color with a graceful classic shape
  • Double Terminated Perfect Points
  • Many inclusions and a bright luster.
  • Translucent and full of high energy light
  • SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant was created in the USA from a global and ethical Crystal mine in Brazil.
  • Hand laced with softie musk pink golden leather and black cotton long-lasting cording.
  • Also available in vegan suede cording. 
  • Beautiful Specimen Solitaire Brazilian Nugget
  • Deep yellow and golden tones enhancement by heat
  • The lobster closure is lead compliant 
  • SweetSatya® Citrine Pendant 2024 Citrine Tender Love Collection

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