Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace-SweetSatya

Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace

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SweetSatya®️ Rainbow Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace - Magic Jewelry has been hand laced with vegan cording.  Vacuume  plated-high heat treated superior quality does not chip, made to last Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace.  Hand napped in Mexico.

Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace Features:

  • Hand Hammered in Cruelty-Free Conditions Mexico
  • Features a 1mm black vegan cotton streamline design
  • Premium quality long-lasting craftsmanship 
  • Immaculate deep rainbow titanium magical color, luster, and sheen
  • Highest Quality A+ Agate Arrow
  • Size of Agate Arrow: 1" length 3/4" Width
  • Size of Titanium Arrow Agate Necklace: long 15' thru 18"
  • Created by Satya Khalsa, the well-known Crystal Jewelry Artist, Texas USA
  • This relic is presented in honor of Sanctus Germanus, a vessel of godly love and wisdom who has surrounded mankind in loving protection throughout the ages.

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