Turquoise, Amber, and Pyrite Pendant-SweetSatya

Turquoise, Amber, and Pyrite Pendant

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Museum Quality Gemstone Modern Stack strategically created by SweetSatya® 
Jewelry. The Pure Simplicity of Satya Khalsa's Turquoise Amber Pyrite Pendant evokes a divine sensation of truth with a southwestern flair.

Turquoise Amber Pyrite Pendant Features:

  1. Created with authentic Amber, Pyrite, and Chinese Turquoise oversized gemstones.
  2. Arranged in an organic unique design.
  3. Hand laced with extra durable black cotton or black leather cording.
  4. Great combination of earthy grounding non calibrated gemstones.
  5. Evokes a native American southwest feeling in its wearer.
  6. Hand-made by Satya Khalsa crystal jewelry artist in the USA with global raw materials ethically mined.
  7. Each Turquoise, Amber, and Pyrite Pendant holds its own special vibration, and after you finish checking out I will send you a short video to choose yours from.

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