One Knot At a Time makes a SweetSatya Mala an Heirloom Piece

The true story of mala making moment by moment, and those many hours I spend making malas. But things are just things, what makes a SweetSatya mala an heirloom? It's something so precious, that it causes most people to slow down, and will transport them to a moment in their life. It's all about the story the beautiful mala can tell.  All of life's cycles are represented in a 108 mala. Taking the time to organize our thoughts and ponder each and everyone is our gift. Some call it a luxury item, and choose to cherish it while rediscovering gratitude of being alive every time it glides through their fingers, placed around their neck, or wraps their wrist. Hand knotting is one of my specialties and a lost art of hand-made craft. The very act represents patience, endurance, and the inner strength to keep up. It's all about time and what we do while being alive.            


My highest hope is to bring you divine inspiration through my artwork and lead you to the truth within each and everyday! May all of us soften our hearts today and express love towards each other.

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