SweetSatya®️ making some commotion with the Better Business Bureau®️ March 31, 2020

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It brings me, Satya Khalsa great pleasure to announce to the world, "SweetSatya®️ has now become an accredited small business with www.bbb.org and I would be honored if the loyal customers of SweetSatya®️ would be so kind as to leave a review in the link above." 

I have developed personal relationships with most of my customers and it's, "You that I give a big thank you to for believing in the designs and ethics of SweetSatya®️ Crystal, Mineral, and Fossil jewelry business.  

I have strived to experience a place of balance inside myself, of being true to my heart throughout the creative process of designing for SweetSatya®️ Crystal jewelry, feeling my experience during the creative process, editing tearing down reconstructing product while fulfilling my customer’s desires and requests.

It has been through your inspirations, that the old world craftsmanship, originality, integrity, and value that we both appreciate.

SweetSatya®️ the sweetest of them all can be found at the SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Shop F61 Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas. 

SweetSatya https://sweetsatya.com/


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