Yin Yang Collection Featured by Natures Treasures, Austin Texas YOU ROCK

SweetSatya Presents A Nature's Treasures Exclusive - The Union Collection Natures Treasures, Austin,Texas you Rock

Sparks of light burst from shadows. Mercy tempers the heart of the strongest warrior.

The simple yin yang, also called taijitu, conceals a great paradox. It exemplifies the dualities of nature, light and darkness, male and female. At the same time, we see these forces joined as one in a swirling cosmic dance.

What appear to be contrary energies are truly partners. They complement and rise from one another. Night becomes day. Destruction makes way for new creation. Black and white, asks us to see past stark differences to the unity of creation. Revel in the contradictions and embrace the wholeness of being in UNION.

UNION includes yin yang pendants of inlaid wood & bone handmade in Nepal. Ethically-sourced Pakistani tourmaline plays the role of dark yin, complementing the bright yang of double-terminated quartz crystals. All pieces are constructed on hand-knotted black cotton linen cord with gun metal clasps. Special pieces include black onyx icosahedrons.

Inspired by a Nature's Treasures employee's concept, this line has been designed and hand-crafted exclusively for Nature's Treasures of Texas and CrystalsByNature.com

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