It Brings SweetSatya Great Joy To Know The Vera Cruz Amethyst Healing Necklace Finally Found The Perfect Home Today July 20, 2018

alexandria II pasadena sweetsatya vera cruz

SweetSatya has gifted the owner of Alexandria II, Dina from Pasadena, CA with the beautiful Amethyst Vera Cruz Twin Healing & Inspirational Necklace. This is a token of my appreciation for her loyalty, support, and allegiance to a small local brand for the past 5 years. A deeply healing necklace which is part of SweetSatya's Spring & Summer Collection 2018.  Expressive, gentle, with gorgeous vivid depths of soft watercolor shades ranging from almost heather gray to sweet lilac. Every so often she will find flashes of bold fuchsia. My highest hope is that she will enjoy the sensation of gazing through the galaxies of worlds inside her new immaculate Amethyst sacred healing necklace excavated from the Vera Cruz Mts. Mexico. SweetSatya America's Favorite Crystal Healing Jewelry Store is Where Fashion Meets Passion & It's Unstoppable. 

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