Summer 2018 Milestone Malas Handmade With Miles Of Crystal & Gemstone Healing Nuggets Connect Us To Each Other

crystal handknotted rosary gemstone citrine mala handmade malas sweetsatya crystal mala

I have been asked lately by people who are interested in the Hand Knotted Mala's & Rosay's why they are so energizing ~ What makes a SweetSatya Crystal Healing Mala unparalleled to other Holy Mala's available to purchase?  "Really it all starts with the raw Crystal & Gemstone materials I select to work with along with my true desire to create a healing mala which will bring more joy, truth, beauty, grace & create a really extraordinary tool for people of all walks of life to work with during their healing arts & prayers." Not just a mala which is made in a factory by slave unnamed labors.

To tell my truth, in the beginning, I sought out an incredible Latino woman in the bowels of Los Angeles to teach me the hand knotting, after many trips back & forth to her, along with videos I would take during our visits, & the long laborious hours of the trial & error practicing.  I finally was able to master the art of Hand Knotting Gemstones & Crystals.  "To be understood this has been my personal adventure for years". Handmade and you can buy in Texas, USA.

I love hearing the thread move between my fingers while sweeping through Citrine, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pearl, Flourite, Rainbow Obsidian, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Rainbow Titanium Crystal Quartz and oh so many more for you to choose from. I also love using Guru Beads hand faceted Citrine, Ruby Spheres, Rose Quartz in place of tassels, "It's so old world."

It's been my greatest blessing to offer people the healing Malas & Rosary's their soul graves.  To see their emotional reaction is so gratifying at the moment of them realizing they have come in contact with something which has the ability to move them in a positive direction & fulfill their destiny.











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