SweetSatya® Crystal, Mineral and Fossil Jewelry and The Corona Virus Pandemic 2020

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SweetSatya® - I am wishing all my customers and inhabitants of our planet wellness todayApril 3, 2020, during our great transition to the "Stay Home-Quarantine" experience. The way we live has changed so drastically for all of us and My Healing Heart Goes Out To Our Planet At This Time. Please know it's very difficult for me to write about buying Crystal jewelry and act as if it's business as usual when it's clearly not. In my mind jewelry is something that makes you feel better and brings more joy to people's lives, however, I don't want to ignore the reality and hardships our planet is going through. My vision is to see us restored to a "Better Us" after The Corona Virus Pandemic 2020 is all said and done.

With this COVID-19 pandemic 2020, SweetSatya® Retail Partners' lovely stores across the United States are temporarily closed; therefore I am featuring much more Crystal, Mineral, and Fossil goodies to www.sweetsatya.com  Especially those Malas that were exclusively sold to my retail partners. Check out @sweetsatyasearthenart for a wider selection and DM me.

The SweetSatya® warehouse has been in quarantine since June 2019. I do not allow buyers, visitors, or additional workers ever onsite SweetSatya®. All packaging and shipping materials are currently being sterilized on the curb of USPS with Lysol Spray before being brought into my car and then into my shipping area. Its been my standard for many years now that all raw material is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before production begins, mostly because of the foreign countries that the Crystals, Minerals, Fossils, and Cordings come from.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for choosing SweetSatya®, I know there are many places to choose from.

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