SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shoppe F61, Crystal Jewelry at Texas Renaissance Festival Todd Mission,Texas

It is I, Satya. And verily I doth exist for the Texas Renaissance Festival Opening Weekend.

We now approach 120 days before thy fair is set to commence. This whole week I have been diligently preparing for thy arrival, bedecking both within and without of my shoppe F61, to make it all the more delighting and enchanting for thee.

Tirelessly have I toiled away on many collections for thee this year. I long to offer these new treasures to you, my Loyal Patrons. Each and every one of you must recall me speaking thus, 

"I know my customers by looking them in their eyes, and I know the ones that will be returning for many years."

I am so looking forward to your arrival this year, Milords and Miladies. It shall be the greatest joy of my heart to reunite with thee.

Now, for a taste of the lovelies that shall appear in my shoppe, ponder these fine words which seek to encapsulate the beauty of our location.

Weekends Only September 30th - November 26th (+Friday November 25th)
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM   21792 FM 1774
Plantersville, TX  77363
800 458-343

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