Opening Weekend Octoberfest At SweetSatya's Earthen Art Healing Jewels For Sale At The Tex Ren Fest 2018

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`Tween wursts and brews and merry-making, come to explore the delightful crystal trinkets found at SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Shoppe F61.  Procure a healing necklace of Arkenstone Opalite Merkaba to enrich thy Aura or a dazzling Amethyst adornment to heal what ails you (even the ale you imbibe in thy feasting). Beer makes a happy head, but SweetSatya's handmade gemstone necklaces make a happy heart. Shimmering shards of  Smoky Quartz, Unheated Citrine, and piercing points of Cobalt Blue Titanium Agate Arrowhead pendants available for your procurement.

Bring thy pennies, thy coppers, thy silvers for here you will find the Rennaissance Jewel you have been looking for.  Whether it be for self or an another, a friend or lover.  We have prices to fit any pocket or purse.  You need not walk further than up to our door, which has been graced by King George Coulam a time or two before.  Blessed by our humbly devoted druidess, embraced by Mother Nature herself, and brought to life by the love embodied in SweetSatya of Khalsa.

Experience the vast and finely curated collection of healing jewels at the one and only SweetSatya's Earthen Art, here at the awe-inspiring Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas 77363.

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