Satya Khalsa of SweetSatya's Jewelry Warehouse Is up-skilling at the Dallas Mineral Symposium, August 2018

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Dallas Mineral Symposium

My personal journey has lead me to immerse myself into the culture of The Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium, being held at the Eisemann Center this hot August weekend in Dallas a city in Texas and take a break from working in my studio. As a Mineral Collector, Crystal Rock Healing Jewelry artist and owner of SweetSatya America's Favorite Crystal Healing Jewelry, I spend hours at my craft and I am really looking forward to having some time off enjoying what I love doing most, "Spending time with other Mineral Lovers and of course the hearts of the Crystal Gems themselves." I am especially interested in Selenite for my customer's spirits and personal transformation.sweetsatya-satya khalsa perlot museum 2018

I started packing my suitcase in preparation for The Perot Museum, Dallas Texas who is hosting a Thursday night viewing and reception of their entire 4th floor filled with Crystals for all of us attending the Symposium and closed to the public.  What a magical way to kick off the weekend experience and have this opportunity.

The Dallas Symposium has quickly risen to become one of the top educational experiences available in the Crystal industry. I have wished and waited for years to enjoy this event.  A lot of people I know who are mineral dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts across the globe will be all together in a mondo setting. I am going to hear from several world-renowned speakers talking about so many interests I have including silver mines, and European mineral Collecting "Sport of Nobility and Royalty."  This segment will be very inspiring and will create momentum for my new creations featured at the shoppe F61 SweetSatya's Earthen Art,  Texas Renaissance Festival 2018 Todd Mission, Texas. I just know my King George Coulam will be proud to have his Lead Crystal Advisor and Gemologist attending this event.  



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