The Crystal and Mineral Magic Passed Through Satya Khalsa While Experiencing The Dallas Symposium 2018

It's not about hoarding if it's Crystals, I am simply raising my vibration this weekend and it was absolutely thrilling for me to meet so many great people from, miners, collectors, museum and gallery curators, all walks of the Crystal, Mineral, and Gemstone world. Many enthusiasts and "Old Timers" which have contributed to our Mineralogical Industry for their entire lives. People who have preserved and cataloged Minerals for decades for future Crystal Collectors of all kinds.  I have to say, attending the Dallas Symposium and meeting  Rob Lavinsky the owner of the Arkenstone Gallery, in Dallas, Texas and Shanghai was an incredible life experience for me to remember.   By being part of this Mineral phenomenon has given me the mojo a crystal jewelry artist really loves and enables us to continue creating great crystal and gemstone healing jewelry.

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